We Cut, Style And Groom Your Hair To Give You The Dream Celebrity Look.
Get your hair pampered and styled like a celebrity with our expert hair styling services. Fitted with quality tools and expertise, we make fine cuts and styles that accentuate your personality. Hair styling, Haircut and variety of hair treatments for those healthy hair locks.

  • Highlights

Pick Virgin, full, half or quarter as per your choice.

  • Permanent Tint &Semi-Permanent Tint

For long, medium and short hair length.

  • Creative hair color services

Bleach, hair color correction, toner, coloring with creativity, tints and highlights, color finish and more

  • Specific Brand Hair color

Medium, short, re-touch, tints and highlights, root touch-ups. The price may vary from brand to brand.


Any style suits you the best when your hair is healthy and pampered. At Dame Salon, our focus is on making your hair healthier to make finer hairstyles and for this, we offer a variety of hair treatments. You cannot don that celebrity style until and unless you have best foundation hairs to flaunt. We treat your hair with a right type of shampoo, advise you a conditioning schedule and at-home treatments to make your hair breathe and grow.


Hair smoothing
We tame those unruly, frizzy and rough hairs to smoothness with best hair smoothing and Keratin treatment. Our experts understand the needs of individual hairs and develop a bespoke formula for each individual.


Keratin treatment
Experience your hair looking amazingly straight, smooth and shining with Keratin treatment. It is a protein-based treatment that focuses on nourishing the tired and dull roots and tissues of hair strands. The complete process may take up to 1.5-3 hours depending on the texture & length of the hairs.
Kerastase treatments
A luxurious massage of 10 minutes or more that ensures your roots receive the right nourishing supplement to assist in the growth and maintenance of your hair.


Organic products
Get nourished and pampered with a range of organic products, chemical ridden products often rip apart the essential oils and nutrients from your scalp and hairs. We provide special organic products treatments to your hair to ensure you have a healthy hairline to love and flaunt.

Creating Styles And Setting Grooming

Creating Styles And Setting Grooming Trends For The Modern Men & Women.

Just like your unique personality, we craft unique hair and styling trends for you. It is tough to stay groomed and styled without proper care and expertise. We ensure you have that celebrity like look every time you step out of our Salon. Best hair and makeup solutions, right at your disposal.

Professional Grooming Services With Quality & Class

Professional Grooming Services With Quality & Class.

Pamper yourself a little more with our quality services. We treat your hair, skin, looks and more to make your appearance flawless. Trained and experienced grooming experts develop grooming solutions that match your skin, hair and styling needs.

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